Middle School Newsletter 


February 15, 2019

I am inspired daily by the individuals that I am so grateful to call my team. They show up everyday DOING THEIR BEST so that their students have an exceptional education. They have the highest of expectations for their students and they lead by example because they also have the highest expectations for themselves and one another.

I often find myself sharing with people how fortunate I am to be part of such an extraordinary team. I have these moments from conversations, observations and meetings that leave me speechless (which is  saying a lot) and in awe of these incredibly dedicated and caring individuals.

Earlier in the week I had two experiences that once again made me so very proud of my colleagues. I had the pleasure of sitting in a classroom where I observed amazing teacher growth.  I can recall a previous conversation where the teacher and I discussed specific strategies she could implement that could potentially improve classroom structures and procedures. I can unequivocally say that she took our conversation to heart because the changes I observed were remarkable.  She clearly reflected on what was and wasn’t working and then took the steps to make necessary changes. This is just one of many examples of teachers wanting to improve their craft so they can be their best for your child each and everyday.

The other experience occurred during a department meeting. I sat and listened as a teacher shared with her team that she had been feeling overwhelmed and due to this stress she spoke unkindly to one of her team members. She then courageously took full responsibility for her behavior, apologized to her teammate and also ask her team for support. I sat in awe of the courage she displayed as she was so vulnerable and honest with her peers.

This is exactly what we continually ask our students to do: reflect and take responsibility for the choices they make and ask for support when needed. I have frequent conversations with my colleagues about modeling “doing our best” for students. Children are so intuitive and are always watching and listening to the adults in their lives. Whether they would admit it or not, they really are looking to us for guidance. It is no secret to children that adults make mistakes, but they may not always know how we  handle those mistakes. Sharing our reflections and self-growth with our children is possibly the best education we can give them. We are showing them that mistakes are ok (because we ALL do make mistakes), and that everyone can grow and improve from making them.

The next time you make a mistake or experience a moment of self growth, take a few extra minutes and share that experience with your child. I am very confident that they will appreciate your honesty (even if they act like they don’t care) as your modeling of what DOING YOUR BEST looks like.



314.645.9600 (607)~kwright@premiercharterschool.org  


Walk For Hope T-Shirt Design

Please see the attached flyer about our Walk for Hope t-shirt design opportunity. This is open to all students K-8. 

Vending Machine

Thanks to the hard work of three 8th grade boys we have our new vending machine! We have made sure that the machine is filled with healthy snack options. Students may make purchases from 8:10-8:25, during lunch and from 3:25-3:35 daily.

Book Fair

Our Spring Book Fair is coming March 19th after school and March 20th and 21st during conferences. Details to be announced!  Mrs. Ramsey is looking for volunteers to help with set up, breakdown, sales, advertising, and special events. Contact her at vramsey@premiercharterschool.org. See you at the Book Fair!

We are so excited to officially invite the PCS community to attend the 3rd Annual Xpress Yourself Spoken Word Poetry Night on February 28th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Intermediate Cafeteria. This is an opportunity for us to celebrate Black history and honor the diverse voices of PCS students. Students who are recommended or volunteer for the program will recite original poetry, read a notable poem, or contribute to the program in some way. Teachers are already working with students to produce great poetry. Next week, students will receive information on how to be a part of the program as well as a parent letter with more details. Get excited about this great showcase of talent at our school. See the attached flyer.

6th Grade…

Dear 6th Grade Parents/Guardians,

As we enter the second semester of the year, we want to be able to help students stay healthy and find success! One easy way to help this is by having plenty of pencils, hand sanitizer, and Clorox Wipes! If you and your family are able to send in any of these items, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your support of our students!

6th-grade team,

Emily O'Brien, Stacia Berwick, Erin Deason, Stan Graczyk, and Don Orelup

7th Grade..

7th grade is in need of Kleenex, paper towels and Clorox wipes. Any donations would be greatly appreciated! 

8th Grade ELA…

Students will soon begin book clubs. In these groups, our 8th graders will have a chance to exercise responsibility and independence as they set their own reading schedules and goals. Keeping up with the reading is essential to their success in this unit. It's also a great time for them to prepare for the challenges of high school while still surrounded by support. Please check with your child a few times a week about their reading, even ask to see their reading calendars to make sure they're on pace! Reach out to your child's teacher if you have any questions. We're excited to start this new unit!


Does your current student have a sibling who wants to come to PCS?  Do you have a family member, friend, or neighbor who has a child ready for school?

It is that time of year again…Pre-Kindergarten thru 8th Grade applications for new students in the 2019-2020 lottery are now open!

Families can apply today through Schoolmint.  If you do not already have a Schoolmint account, begin by going to premiercharterschool.schoolmint.net and create a secure account with a username and password.  From there, you can fill out an application for your student for the grade they will be going in to next year.

Our first-round new student lotteries will be held on the following dates:

  • Kindergarten: February 1, 2019

  • Pre-Kindergarten: February 25, 2019

  • 1st – 8th Grade: April 1, 2019

Should you have any questions regarding your student’s application, your Schoolmint account, or the lottery, please feel free to contact PCS admissions at admissions@premiercharterschool.org.

Safety Awareness…

As it starts getting dark earlier and we are reminded of situations as we watch the news, please have a conversation with your child about being aware of what is going on around them as they walk home from school. If your child has permission to walk to the park, YMCA or QT etc. please remind them not to accept a ride or engage with any strangers. While we are sure you have already had these conversations with your child we want to reiterate the importance so that your child can continue to make smart decision for themselves.

We want to remind you that PCS has safety structures in place if we were ever to be in a lockdown situation because of an outside threat.  Please rest assured that we understand communication in these situations are of utmost importance. Parents will be notified through the automated school system; calls texts and emails.  We have a very good relationship with the police department down the street and if we hear of or are made aware of a situation where lockdown might be a possibility, we will be in contact with district 2. They will be able to provide accurate details of the situation and from there we can receive their recommendation on our course of action.  At all times, student safety is on our minds and we will always communicate with what you need to know. As always please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Dress Down…

On the last Monday of the month any student who has earned 80% or higher on their homework completion grade may dress down. Students can check their grade on Infinite Campus to ensure that they have indeed earned this privilege. Please remember  that all clothing must be school appropriate.

Message from the Nurse…

Recently, PCS has been experiencing absences due to Influenza A infections.

Flu symptoms can include:  fever, chills, headache, sore throat, runny nose or nasal congestion, muscle aches, fatigue, and vomiting & diarrhea.  Not every one who is diagnosed with the flu will experience all of these symptoms.

Flu viruses are the cause of various types of flu.  These viruses can enter your body through your mouth, nose, or eyes.  Every time you touch your hand to one of these areas, you potentially infect yourself with flu virus.

Influenza A virus constantly changes which is why flu vaccines are given yearly.  The flu spreads by people who are already infected, so it is important to avoid contact with sick people and while sick, limit contact with others.  If your child is sick, they should stay home for at least 24 hours after the fever is gone without the use of fever reducing medicine. Teach your child to cover their nose & mouth with a tissue when they cough or sneeze, throw the tissue away, and wash hands properly with soap and water.  Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth. Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with influenza virus.

For more complete information regarding the flu see the following: https://www.cdc.gov/flu/consumer/symptoms.htm

Please see the attached flyer for 7th grade families regarding required vaccinations prior to starting 8th grade.


Math Opportunity…

Cor Jesu Academy is hosting their annual “Middle School Math Contest” for 6th and 7th grade girls on Saturday, March 2, 2019. We would love to invite students to participate in this fun event! There will be a team test as well as an individual test. Awards will be given for first, second, and third place in the team tests as well as first, second, and third place 6th grade and 7th grade individual tests. Each team will consist of four students.


6th Grade...

6th-grade science is finishing up the biology unit this week; I was extremely impressed with our student's work on genetic disorders, they conducted careful research which posed and answered thoughtful and empathetic questions. We will be moving from biology to ecology where we will learn about environmental stewardship and how our daily actions influence the world around us.

7th Grade…

7th grade Science is wrapping up our Thermal Energy Unit. The students did a great job of reviewing old information about matter and particles to help them understand the new content about thermal(heat) energy. The students had great ideas and worked really hard to create their own cooler that would work to slow down the energy transfer process and keep an ice cube from melting. Looking forward to our next unit on Force and Motion. 

8th Grade...

In 8th grade science we are continuing our human body unit. Students have already learned about all of the major body systems. We will be wrapping it up next week with a field trip to SLU to dissect sheep brains on February 20th. It should be a great, hands on learning experience! The bus is leaving at 8:30 am so please make sure your child is on time to school that day!

Math Department…

Here is your Math Department problem of the week! 



In honor of Valentine's Day, students took a break from hand-lettering to revisit paper-folding and card-making skills from last semester. It was wonderful to see the art room was filled with paper hearts and loving messages. Our hand-lettering unit will return next week with an emphasis on cursive styles - including calligraphy and signatures. As always, stop by the art gallery bulletin board (outside of the art room) to see all of the student creations.


PE is finishing up our basketball unit this week.  The students have played half court and full court games the last two weeks.  It is fun to see the students enjoying themselves and running up and down the court.  One of our main focuses in the unit was Sportsmanship and not everyone being at the same skill level when it comes to different sports.  The students who play outside of school did a great job making sure everyone was included in the game that wanted to play and students took others under their wing and helped them.  

As a reminder to all, field day shirt forms were sent home last week and need to be turned in by next week Wednesday with the $5.00.  We hope to hand those out by end the of March or early April. The order form is attached below.

Hope you have a great week and we are hoping for some dry nice weather soon!!


  • TEDEd Club

Do you want:

  • to discuss and celebrate ideas with fellow students?

  • to make an impact with your words?

  • a platform and opportunity for your voice to be heard?

  • to give your own TEDEd Club talk?

Then is for YOU! Meeting Day and Time: Wednesday’s 3:30 - 4:30 pm,
Feb. 6-May 22nd

Club Members will engage in a series of Explorations designed to help them present an amazing Club talk on an idea that they are passionate about. Along the way, Club Members will become experts in: • Identifying the elements of a great idea • Researching, developing and presenting an idea • Creating visuals to tell a compelling story • Using best practices for camera, lighting and sound!

Print and return the attached permission slip. Space is limited and open only to Middle School students.

  • Leader contact information:

    • Mrs. Wohlgemuth (ext. 417) cwohlgemuth@premiercharterschool.org

    • Mrs. Rutan (ext. 119) krutan@premiercharterschool.org

  • Girls on Fire:

Girls on Fire is seeking professional women to participate in our 5th Annual Networking Event on Tuesday, April 16th from 5:30 - 6:30. This event provides an opportunity for the girls to practice networking skills while receiving advice and learning more about various career paths. See the attached flyer for details. Email Mrs. Daugherty at ndaugherty@premiercharterschool.org for more information.


  • Girls Basketball:

The PCS girls basketball team is flying high coming off of a great win against Bayless on Wednesday. The final score was 23-13. Our next, and final, game will be at Confluence Academy South City at 5:00pm. This will be 8th grade night for Confluence and the gym will fill up. If you are planning on attending the game please arrive early to get a seat. 

  • Cheerleading:

Cheerleading practice will continue on Wednesdays and Thursdays after school


Middle School Trip…

Thanks to all of the student travelers for attending the rooming meeting on Thursday. All requests will be considered as room assignments are made. As the trip gets closer please remember to stay on top of monthly payments. The final payment will be due to AST on Monday, March 11. If your decision to have your child on this trip has changed you must contact Ms. Rhine to officially drop your student. Please look in next weeks newsletter for our Middle School Trip parent meeting information. 

Reminder: Travel dates are Sunday, April 28 - Friday, May 3

Final Payment Due: Monday, March 11

*All payments should be made to Adventure Student Travel.

Melanie Rhine ext. 426


BAC Update…

Dear PCS Families,

As the weather starts to turn colder we want to take a minute to remind everyone of our morning drop off and Before Care procedures.  All students must be walked into the building and signed in at the office if they are dropped off prior to 8:00 am. If any student is at PCS prior to 8:00 am, we will bring them to before care and will charge the regular $5 drop in fee. In order to maintain a safe student/adult ratio and ensure we have adequate staffing in our BAC program, students are only allowed 5 drop ins over the course of the school year. The safety of our children is our highest priority and we thank you for your adherence to these procedures.  

PCG Update…

 It is time to start thinking about getting your group ready for our Annual Trivia Night. This is night you don’t want to miss out on. We are looking for donations for our silent auction as well as volunteers to help run the event. Please see the attached flyer for more information or email Terry Brogan at tbrogan@lashlybaer.com or Lisa Simon at lrsieve@yahoo.com.

Fun Around Town…

Sat Feb 16 10-11a.m.

Winter Wonder Walk in Emmenegger Park in Kirkwood

Spending time in nature has been shown to have positive effects on physical, mental and emotional health.  Dress for the weather and enjoy a guided hike in the woods. Free but registration required:


Sat Feb 16  10-11:30 a.m. Blue's Kids Boogie  12- 1 p.m. Black History Jam

at the National Blues Museum  615 Washington Avenue

Celebrate Black History month with free admission this Saturday to the National Blues (the music, not the hockey team) Museum and Boogie & Jam!


Fri Feb 22 7-8:30 p.m.

St. Louis Lake Fishing Hotspots at Powder Valley Nature Center

Did you know that within a 1 hour drive from the Arch, there are over 80 public lakes and over 1200 acres of water open to the public for fishing?  Learn about these fishing hotspots with biologist Kevin Meneau who will present all the info you need about STL fishing lakes, what to fish for & special events occuring in 2019 with the STL Urban Fishing Program. Register at 1-888-283-0364

Sat Feb 23  11a.m. to Noon

Brentwood Community Center  2505 S. Brentwood

Circus Kaput Show:  Sword Swallowing

It's National Sword Swallower Day and to celebrate Circus Kaput's OMG Josh performs his circus show for free.  


Important Upcoming Dates

2.18.19-No School

2.19.19-7th Grade Field Trip to Courthouse

2.20.19-Field Day T-Shirt Order Due

2.22.19-Yearbook Order Due

2.28.19-Poetry Slam

3.20 & 21.19-Conferences

3.22-29.19-Spring Break

3.23.19-PCS Trivia Night

4.8-12.19-8th Grade MAP Testing

4.15-16.19-6th Grade MAP Testing

4.17-18-19-7th Grade MAP Testing

4.27.19-Family Night at Panda Express

4.28-5.3.19-MS Trip

5.3.19-MC Fair

5.10.19-Field Day

Included Attachments

  • Panda Express Flyer

  • Poetry Slam Flyer

  • Basketball Schedule

  • February Lunch Menu

  • Girls on Fire Flyer

  • Vaccinations Flyer for 7th Grade Families

  • Walk for Hope T Shirt Flyer

  • Trivia Night Flyer

  • Field Day Order Form

  • Math Information Flyer