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Premier Charter School was founded in 2000 and operated under the name St. Louis Charter School until September 2013 when it became Premier Charter School.  As the first charter school in St. Louis, we have been a leader in meeting the educational needs of the children in the city of St. Louis.  We believe children learn through a variety of educational methods. Our highly qualified staff are dedicated and challenged to put into practice the most effective strategies and techniques in order to help each child learn to their own highest capability.  Teachers, along with their students, create positive learning environments through collaboration and team building. Class meetings, where students share in decision-making, begin with our youngest students! We incorporate our rigorous curriculum with hands-on project based learning, technology, service learning, peer groups, specialized support instruction and enrichment to give our students a broad spectrum of learning opportunities.  Our team values innovation and captures the joy of teaching as we see our students achieve! 

Premier has received local, national, and international recognition for a strong commitment to character education. We believe character education makes a dramatic positive difference in the lives of our students. We utilize current, research-driven practices to support a rich academic environment that empowers young people to be creative problem solvers. It is our passion to help support our students to continue to develop into people who inspire others and are inspired to give back to their community through their own personal gifts and talents.   

We serve over 900 amazing students in grades Pre-K-8. At Premier, we embrace the rich diversity of our families, who truly represent the entirety of the city of St. Louis and serve children and families from every St. Louis zip code.





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July 24, 2019

Dear Premier Charter School Families,

The Missouri Department of Education released spring MAP test scores to school districts yesterday.  

The Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) Grade-Level Assessments evaluate students’ progress toward the Missouri Learning Standards. Grade-Level Assessments provide important information that contributes to decisions concerning individual students, groups of students, and educational programs. Assessments are given in the subject areas of Communication Arts (grades 3-8), Mathematics (grades 3-8) and Science (grades 5 and 8). 

The Grade-Level Assessments include multiple types of questions or items:  Selected Response (also known as multiple choice) items are composed of a question followed by a series of possible responses. Students must select the correct response or responses.  Constructed Response or Short Text items require students to supply an appropriate response rather than making a selection from a list of choices. Performance Tasks/Events allow students to work through more complicated items using real-world scenarios.  Technology Enhanced items make use of technology in the presentation of the item, the ways in which students respond, or both. For example, students might listen to a story and then drag and drop labels into a diagram, or click on specific parts of a text to provide a response. 

Your child’s Individual Student Report (ISR), includes an Achievement Level, which will describe his or her performance as Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, or Advanced. The report will also include a short description of the knowledge and skills that are typically demonstrated by students in each Achievement Level. These are very detailed reports.  As a result, we are planning reviewing them with families and sending them home during our first quarter parent teacher conferences on October 23rd and 24th. If you would like your child’s MAP scores prior to October 23rd, please contact your child’s principal. He or she will be able to get you the scores and go over them with you.


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