Middle school


Be Kind. Do Your Best. Have Fun. 

Middle School is a complicated time, but the PCS team understands students through a developmental lens and is committed to making it the best time!

We believe kindness can be demonstrated in many different ways. It is shown in how we treat one another, students and families, our environment and ourselves. Our students and families will see, hear and feel this when they enter our building.  We will work hard to intentionally help our students build the skills it takes to live in kindness. 

We have 300 plus students who deserve our very best everyday. When we put our very best into the lessons and experiences we plan for our students, then we can unequivocally say that we are providing them with an exceptional education. We will help students understand that when they give their personal best they will feel and see success. Our job is to meet our student’s needs while building capacity within them so that they become self-motivated.

We will make sure that we are building authentic relationships, creating an engaging learning environment, providing opportunities for growth and most importantly laughing with one another!