Mr. Ryan DeLoach

seventh grade social studies teacher

I moved to St. Louis four years ago to complete a master's program at Washington University and currently live in the Dutchtown neighborhood. In my free time, I work with several non-profit community development organizations and am an active participant in local politics. I also enjoy making music, travelling, reading, playing sports, and exploring the outdoors.

During my time as a social studies teacher at Premier Charter School, I’ve focused on challenging students to engage in the work of historians by asking their own historical questions, analyzing multiple perspectives on historical topics, and using evidence to make their own historical claims. My hope is that this approach will not only teach students how to think critically about the past, but will also give them the tools necessary to understand how the past informs the world today. If you want to know more about what is going on in our classroom this year, you can follow our class on Twitter @rjdeloach.