Mrs. Nakesia Daugherty

quest teacher

I am an ambitious lifetime learner who is addicted to ice cream, poetry, and basketball. Mathematics is a passion for me, and positively affecting my students is my most prized goal in my career as a teacher. This is the fourth year that I have led the Girls on Fire program, which helps 8th graders at Premier Charter School become leaders who know who they are, love themselves, are confident, and give back to their community. I dream of  being an author or renowned public speaker one day because sharing my thoughts with others, whether in poetry or speech, makes me feel alive and powerful. If you met my previous teachers, they would probably mention my hard work and accolades as a student, but I am much more proud of my roles serving others in my family, as a teacher, and in my community.

10 Quick Facts About Me:

  1. I love amusement park rides.

  2. I have a son, Camden Parker Daugherty and a daughter, Brooklyn Naima Daugherty.

  3. My birthday is December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day).

  4. I enjoy hanging out with my husband as well as other family members and friends.

  5. I want to travel to Jamaica in the near future.

  6. Some of my favorite things are: the color purple, reggae music, singing, flowers, and Raisinets.

  7. I like books that have strong heroines, make me think, are suspenseful, and involve criminal law and investigation.

  8. I can’t live without board games and card games.

  9. Cool things that I have been a part of include: a pageant in college that I won, a play that taught students business ethics, and an accounting firm as my first job after college.

  10. One of my favorite jobs was working as a receptionist at a nursing home. I built great relationships and enjoyed being a positive presence while greeting people with a smiling face each day.

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