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It all started when…

A friend of the PCS community decided that he wanted to ride his bike around the country to help kids. When he started his first bicycle journey from Chicago to San Diego PCS was just a stop along the way as he raised money for child abuse. Our kids and their desire to help him inspired our friend so much that on his second journey in 2017 he wanted to make it all about PCS... and the birth of "granting summer wishes" became a reality.

The program's inception involved a ride from Chicago to Myrtle Beach all in efforts to raise money for PCS kids to receive scholarships for summer camps and adventures. As we value the creativity, curiosity and individual interests of our students this support was so appreciated. PCS students apply to receive funds that help them pay their way to local summer activities as well as camps that require travel. We hope to continue to inspire our students and support their excitement of learning through ongoing donations!