Mrs. Danielle Nilsen

Art teacher

About Mrs. Nilsen:

I am new to PCS and loving my first year working alongside hundreds of little artists! I discovered my own love for art as a child who was always drawing, writing, pretending, knitting, sewing, and making collages. In high school, I discovered paint and went on to focus on painting in my Fine Arts program in college. I love that art can serve so many purposes: self-expression, meditation, imaginative play, critical thinking, storytelling, and more. I hope that every student in my class finds their own definition of art and can find ways to make art in their everyday lives.

About Choice Art:

My classroom is a choice-based one, where the student is the artist! Artists in my classes get to generate their own ideas, formulate plans for art making, select their materials, and make their ideas come to life! Through this individualized approach, students practice self-regulation and self-directed learning, they are more engaged, and they get to act like true artists, improving in the medium of their choice. 

Students may bring home artworks that look different than you are used to - and that's okay! True art, especially for developing artists, is about the thought and the process of making much more than the look of the final "product." Not everyone's art will look the same and that's okay. Ask your child to tell you about what they have made and I am sure you will be amazed by their imagination!


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