PCS Pre-Kindergarten Application Timeline

Initial enrollment for students wishing to attend Premier Charter School Pre-Kindergarten is established through a lottery. All applicants must be residents of St. Louis City.

Peace Rally 2018

Peace Rally 2018

December 1, 2018 Lottery Application opens on Schoolmint

To Apply For The Lottery:
• You may click "APPLY NOW" on our school website, premiercharterschool.org, You will be sent to the PCS Schoolmint site to create an account and complete the online application. Or, go directly to the Schoolmint online enrollment system:



Financial information

The 2019/2020 annual cost of Premier Charter School Pre-Kindergarten program is $7500.00. A $500 deposit will be due at the beginning of June 2019 and the balance will be paid monthly.

Limited financial assistance is available to those who qualify

(Tuition is subject to change each year)

  • Financial assistance forms and applications will be made available to those families that are pulled in the lottery. The tuition Assistance application (and supporting documents) will need to be completed and returned in a timely manner after it is made available to you.

  • If not applying for assistance, you will sign and return the full financial acceptance waiver.


February 25, 2019 Pre-Kindergarten lottery

If Your Student is Pulled in the Lottery:

• All selected applicants will be notified by text and/or email as well as with a welcome phone call.

- You must #1; Accept the offer of admission to the school and

- #2; Fill out all of the Registration pages, including supporting documents, to fully enroll.
• Detailed instructions to complete the registration process will be given after lottery pull.


March 15, 2019 Registration Paperwork Deadline

Failure to have registration completed by this date will result in a retraction of the offer of admission

Registration required documents are:

• Registration Packet - premiercharterschool.schoolmint.net
• Two Proofs of St. Louis City Residency (i.e. current utility bills, mortgage /lease papers and/or driver's license/etc.)
• Official Proof of Age (i.e. Legal Birth Certificate/Court filed guardianship/DFS foster child assignment paperwork/Passport/Greencard/I-94/Baptismal Birth Certificate/Doctor's Certificate/etc.)
• Immunization Records or Exemption Card

*The above items may be uploaded via Schoolmint or may be brought to PCS to be copied